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Refund, Replacement, & Return Policy


Your Unique Refund and Replacement Protection

You can

  • Cancel your order for any reason before shipping
  • No hassle 14-day Money Back Guarantee 
  • Delivered on Time or it's FREE

Please read the details on this page.

Please note that normally you can apply for either a refund OR a replacement but you cannot apply for both a refund and a replacement.

A refund or replacement may also require that you return your purchased item. Please read the details below.

Want to Cancel Your Order?

You can cancel your order for any reason (and you don't need to tell us your reason) at anytime after ordering and receive a full refund provided the item has not been shipped.

We suggest that you do not wait longer than 24 hours to cancel otherwise the order will be shipped. Please note that items may be shipped within the first 24 hours after ordering.

Sorry, but we cannot cancel orders once your item has been shipped. However, you can apply for a refund OR replacement in the circumstances described below.

Changed your Mind or Not Satisfied?


No problems...
  • You can cancel your order provided your ordered product hasn't been shipped (see 'Want to Cancel Your Order' section above).
  • You can return within 14-days according to our Money Back Guarantee as detailed next.

In any case, we will always try to help, so please contact us with your explanation.

Your 14-day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your product for any reason you have 14 days from the date of delivery to request a refund.

You will receive a full refund, or partial refund, depending upon the condition of the returned items. 

You don't need to tell us the reason for your return, but we may ask you for feedback so we can improve our product and service.

You may return any eligible item purchased on in accordance with the terms specified in this refund, replacement, and return policy.

Items that are not usually eligible for a refund or replacement are listed in the section 'Items not eligible for Refunds or Replacements.'

Please carefully read the following sections: 'Refund Policy',  'How to apply for a Refund OR Replacement' and 'How to Return a Purchased Item' below


This refund policy only applies to our 14-day Money Back Guarantee.

You will receive a 100% refund on the original price of the items, less post & packing, provided all of the following conditions apply:

  • All items are in original condition, unused, resalable, and in original packaging
  • We receive the items in good physical condition (not physically broken or damaged).  
  • All accessories, manuals, and instructions originally included with your purchase are included with your return.   

You will receive an 50% refund on the original price of the items, less post & packing, if...

  • You have used the item but it is still in a resalable condition
  • You do not have the original packaging for the item but it is still in a resalable condition

    All refunds are made back into the same payment method, and account, as the person who made the original purchase. 


    If the item is delivered to you damaged, missing parts, or does not work as intended, then you will receive a replacement. 

    You may be asked to take photographs of the item as evidence for a replacement.

    How to apply for a Refund OR Replacement

    Please send an email to containing the following information:

    • Your full name
    • Your email used at the time of purchase or your current email (if different)
    • Your delivery address used for the purchase
    • The name of the item(s) you ordered
    • Your Spiffic order number(s)
    • Statement that you require a Refund OR Replacement.

    Expect a return email confirming your request within about 24 hours. 

    You cannot apply for both a refund and a replacement.

    Returns are processed as described in the next section.

    How to Return an Item 

    First, please get approval for a refund or replacement as detailed in the paragraph above.

    If your request for a refund or replacement is approved, then we may ask you to return the item. 

    You will receive return details by email after your return request is approved.

    Please DO NOT return the item without receiving approval.

    Please DO NOT return the item to the manufacturer or the return address on the package.

    You are responsible for and must prepay all shipping charges and you assume the risk of loss or damage to the returned item(s) while in transit to

    You must ship your items within 3 days of receiving return details. 

    Please note that our warehouse is taking extra precautions during this COVID situation and may quarantine returned packages for up to one week before opening and inspecting the items.

    Delivered on Time or it's FREE

    If your item has been shipped but has not been delivered by the delivery deadlines specified below, then you may apply for a refund.

    The conditions for this 'Delivered On Time or it's FREE' policy are set out below, but still must be in accordance with the terms specified in this refund policy.

    You can apply for a refund when any of the following conditions apply

    • If your ordered item was shipped from a US warehouse to a US address and is undelivered 30 business days after the item was shipped
    • If your ordered item was shipped from an International warehouse to a US address and is undelivered 40 business days after the item was shipped
    • If your ordered item was shipped from US warehouse to a International address and is undelivered 60 business days after the item was shipped
    • If your ordered item was shipped from from an International warehouse to a International address and is undelivered 90 business days after the item was shipped
    A postal inquiry by the postal service, or carrier, must confirm that your ordered item has not been delivered by the stated deadlines.

      If any of the conditions above apply to your ordered item, then please see the 'How to Apply for a Refund or Replacement' section.

      After we receive your application we will process it as follows:

      1. We will check your order number, ordered item, and order date
      2. We will check the evidence provided by the postal service, or carrier, to confirm the status of your ordered item. 
      3. You will receive a refund in accordance with the terms and conditions of this policy. 

      We may ask you for any additional information to help us assess and process your request.

      Additional Benefits

      You can keep your ordered item for FREE if it is delivered after the deadline and even after receiving a refund. Conditions as per policy on this page.

          How long does this process take?

          The time required for these steps will vary and depends upon the efficiency of the postal service or carrier to conduct a check of your shipped item, the time it takes us to confirm the evidence, and the time it takes the payment processor (e.g. PayPal) to process your refund.


          Circumstances where we will not approve a 'Delivered on Time or its FREE' application

          • If the item has been shown to be delivered by the postal service or carrier. 
          • If we have had previous communication with you and you have agreed to extend the delivery date. 
          • A force majeure event such as natural disaster, pandemic, or war
          • A reported nationwide or international disruption of delivery infrastructure for any reason.
          • Any theft, or loss, of an ordered item after the postal service has recorded a delivery.

          We are not responsible for, and will not apply a second refund, for any damaged goods received by you after you have received a refund OR replacement through our 'Delivered on Time or it's FREE' option.

          Wrong Item? Damaged Item? Missing Parts?

          If you receive an item that wasn't what you ordered, was damaged, defective, unusable, or parts are missing, then you will receive a replacement. 


          Please provide a photo of the item, so we can confirm the wrong item, damage, defect, unusable, not working, or missing parts.

          A photo is very useful not only for us but we can also send the photo to the supplier or manufacturer as evidence of any problems with the product.

            How Long Will it Take to Receive a Refund or Replacement?


            If your refund request is approved, and all inspections or conditions have been met, then your refund will be processed immediately, and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment, within usual processing times.

            PLEASE NOTE: The time it takes for you to receive a refund varies depends upon the payment processor.

            For example, PayPal state that refunds may take up to about 30 days. In contrast, Shopify Payments (which we also use to accept customer payments) may take up to about 14 days to process a refund.

            When we submit a request for a refund the refunded amount is immediately deducted from our account.

            This means that we no longer have your money and we do not have your product.

            Please understand that we have no control over the time it takes to process refunds.


            If your replacement has been approved, and all inspections or conditions have been met, then your replacements will be shipped within normal timelines after approval. 

            Conditions that void all Guarantees, Refunds, or Replacements

            The following conditions void all guarantees, refunds, or replacement policies

            • Delays caused by the buyer providing incorrect or incomplete address details and delivery information
            • Delays in delivery caused by any natural phenomena such as natural disasters, pandemics, bad weather, and war
            • Any uninsured order that is lost or stolen
            • Delays in delivery caused by any events beyond's control, such as supplier or manufacturer closing down, public holidays, carrier inefficiencies, carrier closing down, carrier routes, and Customs issues (if the item is shipped from overseas).
            • Evidence of fraud or other criminal activity

            Items Not Eligible for Refunds or Replacements

            The following items are not usually eligible for either a refund or replacement...

              • Gift cards
              • Downloadable software products
              • Health and personal care items
              • Swimwear or underwear
              • Some jewelry such as earrings
              • Personalized items (unless we or the supplier made mistakes)
              • Perishable goods (e.g. foods and drinks)
              • Cosmetics
              • Makeup
              • Skin care
              • Perfume
              • Post, Packing & Insurance charges
              • ALL sale, or discounted, items (unless they have major problems). Sale items are identified by the 'Sale' text, image, or symbol in the product description. Discounted items are identified by any discount symbol, image or text displayed in the product description. Sale or discounted items also may display a crossed-out price (i.e. a price covered with a horizontal line).
              • Slightly damaged or used items offered for sale when clearly identified as slightly damaged or used
              • Free plus Shipping Items 


            Late or missing refunds (if applicable)

            If you haven’t received a refund up to 30 days (for PayPal) or up to 14 days (for Shopify payments) after your refund has been approved then:

            1. Please check your bank/credit card account again. Then contact your bank/credit card company, it may take some time before your refund is officially posted.
            2. Contact your bank/credit card company. They may have reasons unknown to you or us for the delayed refund. 

            If you’ve done all of this and you still have not received your refund, please contact us at

            Please note that we do not control or manage refunds. However, we may be able to help you, by providing additional information that may be needed by either PayPal or Shopify Payments.

            Still have questions about your refund or replacement?

            Please contact customer support at Thank you!

            DATE OF LAST UPDATE: 19 NOVEMBER, 2020

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