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You will receive your order as quickly as possible and in most instances within our stated processing and shipping times. Shipping times vary depending upon your location.

Taxes and Customs Duty

The price of a product on spiffic DOES NOT include Customs duty, freight-forwarding fees, or any other taxes required to import products to your state or country. Prices may include VAT, GST, or State Sales taxes which is payable by the customer. The customer is also responsible for any taxes, customs duty, or import fees payable on items shipped from international warehouses, suppliers, or manufacturers. 

Processing & Delivery

Please know that we always try to process and deliver your items as quickly and efficiently as possible

If you have multiple items in one order then the individual items may be shipped in different packages. This is to ensure that you are not waiting for any particular item and you receive each of your items as quickly as possible.

Estimated delivery times are shown in the following table.

Shipped From Delivered To

Estimated Delivery Time

(Business Days)

USA USA up to 7 days


up to 20 days

USA International up to 20 days
International International up to 20 days


Please remember that business days are Monday to Friday (usually 8am to 6pm) and do not include public holidays or weekends. Warehouse and fulfillment staff do not usually work weekends.

Please understand that we do not control delivery. Delivery depends entirely upon our supplier, the carrier service, or both.

What is the Total Delivery Time?

The total time for delivery is the sum of the processing time and the shipping time

Processing time is the time from placing your order to the time your item leaves the warehouse.

Processing involves waiting in the queue, staff manually typing your order into the computerized order system, picking your item from storage in the warehouse, packing your item, and waiting for the carrier to collect your item from the warehouse.

Shipping time is the time taken to deliver the item to your address after leaving the warehouse

Shipping involves collecting the item from our warehouse by the carrier, transport by the carrier by its own routing system. For items shipped from international locations such as Australia, China, or India there are additional steps. These include transport from warehouse to airport, shipping country customs clearance, transport to your country, customs inspection and clearance in your country, waiting at a distribution centre for pick up by local postal services (such as USPS)


Once your order has been collected by the carrier, we have absolutely NO control over its delivery time.

The delivery time depends upon the carrier and the route they take. We do not control the carrier, how the carrier processes the product through their own systems, or the routes taken by the carrier.

We do not like to keep you waiting too long for your items, because it isn't good for you and it isn't good for us.

However, the following conditions may lead to processing and shipping times longer than usual:

  1. If we, or our US supplier/manufacturer, run out of stock. Consequently, we will try and source the item from our international manufacturers or suppliers. 
  2. Slow processing by a manufacturer or supplier
  3. Slow delivery by a carrier employed to transport goods
  4. Conditions beyond our control such as natural disasters, accidents, manufacturer stops production on an item, manufacturer/supplier closes down, war, bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances (e.g. coronavirus).

We will do our best to get your order delivered as fast as possible. We ask that you please be patient.

You are always welcome to contact us with your questions or concerns.

As stated in the Terms of Service we can change our suppliers or manufacturers without consultation and at our discretion.

We will always try to find you the right product, at the right price, and deliver it to you as quickly as possible.

Please don’t worry you are always covered by our 'Delivered On Time or it's FREE' policy that covers you if your item is not delivered within certain delivery deadlines.

Special Message...

Due to the current worldwide coronavirus situation our manufacturers, suppliers, fulfilment center (warehouse), and carriers are extremely busy and operating with reduced staff.

Our manufacturer, fulfilment centre, and/or carriers may queue items for delivery and prioritize based on volume, order date, and other factors that we don't control.

Additionally, there are closed borders, quarantines, and a reduction in international and domestic flights.

All of this will lead to processing and/or delivery times longer than usual. 

We sincerely apologise for any delay of your order, but it is often beyond our control.


USPS recently stated that:

"The CDC, WHO, as well as the Surgeon General, have indicated there is currently no evidence that COVID-19 is being spread through mail and packages."



Shipping is calculated at the checkout based on your location and the number of items in your order.

Free Item plus Shipping

You receive the item for FREE, and you just pay for shipping. The shipping costs will be calculated at the checkout. 

Tracking Your Order

You will receive a tracking number 2 to 7 days after your order ships. You can use your tracking number to follow the progress of your order.

Please understand that we do not have any control over the delivery of your order once your item is shipped from our warehouse or in transit.

'Delivered On Time or it's FREE' Deadlines

If any item you purchased from is not delivered by the deadlines stated below, then you may be eligible to receive a full refund AND keep the item you purchased, according to our 'Delivered On Time, or its FREE' guarantee also detailed in our refund policy.

  • When an item ships from US warehouse to a US address the deadline is usually 25 business days
  • When an item ships from International warehouse to a US address the deadline is usually 35 business days
  • When an item ships from US warehouse to a International address the deadline is usually 60 business days
  • When an item ships from International warehouse to a International address the deadline is usually 90 business days

These deadlines are based on normal circumstances when there are no confounding events. 

Trusted Delivery

We use trusted and established manufacturers, suppliers, fulfilment centres, and carriers to source and deliver your items.

Your items should be delivered secure and undamaged. You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your purchases from our store!

Happy Shopping!

The Spiffic Team!

UPDATED: 8 January 2021

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